Welcome to the cyber home of the Moose Lake Gang motorcycle club.  A proud group of bikers founded and  led by Robert "the Prez" Berneck.  A true biker who got the bug at a ripe young age.  Many are the times, I'm sure, he wishes he had the old Indian that he proudly owned as his first bike.  He handed down this two-wheeled obsession to his children.  Their rides are below. 






Moose Lake Gang Archive

The gang has been around for quite some time. Go Here for the pictures!


The new scooters!

A new two-wheeled toy!  Check out the latest cycles!


The trip of a lifetime - November 2003

Since I was out of a job, it seemed like the perfect time to take a bike trip.  Go Here for more details!


Summer 2003

Here are a few pic's of the Minnesota guys out on a few runs!


Another Berneck gets the bug.  Rebecca's new bike

Rebecca is the latest to get out on two wheels.  See more HERE


The TOBYHOG is born - April 2002

The TOBYHOG is born!!  With a little chrome and some wrenching by San Jose HD, Toby's new bike is a HERE!


Biking around the bay - August, 2001

On a beautiful late summer day by the Bay, Sherri and Geoff met up with Jenna and longtime family friend, John Ball, to go for a day of riding in the Napa area.  A quick lunch in Sausalito and a tour around Sonoma were highlights of a great day of riding.



The new Harley!! - Fall, 2000

We have a new toy in our midst.  We bought a 2001 Harley Davidson Softail Deuce.  We haven't been to many places yet as California winters are not that cold but plenty rainy.  As our adventures continue, we will add more pictures.  For now, here are a few shots on a local ride in the foothills

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