The Remodel of Casa de Toby

There times in life where the stars just seem to align.  OK, so maybe it wasn't a cosmic event, but things seemed to be rolling in the same direction.  Toby had just been laid off from the second job in 2001 and it was only March!!  We agreed that there was only one thing to do - Remodel!!  Toby's next position would be as a contractor.  We called Pete, our mortgage broker who not only got in a refi with a great rate, he referred us to a group of remodeling specialists.  We gave them a call as well as other contractors.  As it turned out, Pete's guys were not only the most economical decision but had great references and had done work for people we knew.  They all said wonderful tings.  We called in the designers and the result was:

In addition to the new kitchen, we had a number of other ideas to update the look of the house.  W decided to improve the lighting through the whole house.  We would put recessed lighting in the family room, and Hallways, puck lights under the cabinets, lighting in the skylight to simulate the natural light during the day, eyeball lights to accent the wall in the family room.  The red brick wall in the family room had to go.  The fireplace, although nice on cold nights, it took up too much valuable wall space.  We decided to cover the brick with a wall that could be fully utilized.  Once completed, it would have a maple mantel to match the new cabinets. 


So, soon to be gone was the cavern that we called our kitchen.  We were anxious to get rid of the fine Mike Brady design, albeit a 70's classic.  We also decided to make some other changes while ewe had the opportunity.  The brown carpet had to go, so the decision was to go hardwood in the kitchen/family room, hallways, entryway, and Master bedroom.  Soon to be gone were the not-so-lovely dark tones of the cave we lived in.

Remodel Introduction

Remodel Part II - Demolition & Windows

Remodel Part III - Construction

Remodel Part IV - Tobys Take Over

Remodel - The Results

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