May 6, 2006

We have made some real progress in the past couple of weeks.  We have put a great flagstone on the retainer wall.  It's called Three Rivers river rock.  As you can see, there are a number of plants that have been brought in to complete our tropical feel.  We have left some of the older trees for privacy.  These may go as the tropical plants take root and fill in.  The back of the house and the new retainer wall have been painted.  The irrigation system is ready, as are the lighting systems, all five of them!  However, we will have to wait until the planting is done to finalize.  The planting will be next week after the new back fence goes in on 5/8.  We lost that in one of the last California storms.

More updates as we move forward. 

Next week should have a lot of progress as the last few plants are delivered and the arbor build starts.